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Links to the Minnesota Zoo
Zoo picture
Ashley (middle) REALLY enjoys those little stamps you get on your hand so that you may re-enter after leaving for a short time. She wants to show everyone her stamp!

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Zoo picture

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Welcome to my personal playground!

star.jpgThis page is here for the sole purpose of expressing my interests and hobbies. The internet is chocked full of valuable and entertaining information. This page will be used to post links to any pages that I find interesting for those who have similar interests to use and enjoy! If you have a website or know of any That would fit with the catagories on this page please let me know by clicking the E-mail link at the bottom of the page. I am always interested in checking out new sites and adding links to this page. Enjoy!, and Happy Surfing!

star.jpgA word about my sponsor: For those of you that came in through a search engine. If you have any interest in real estate in North West Wisconsin please visit my sponsor at Located in Grantsburg Wisconsin. If you are not interested in real estate we also have regional information on the Grantsburg and Burnett county areas. Some of the hightlights include: Crex Meadows wild life area, a growing list of Burnett county lakes information, links to the web pages of businesses in the Grantsburg area, and lastly, regional events and tourist attractions.

To The Links!

star.jpgCrop Circle Secrets: If you are looking for a modern day miracle, you might find it here! If after reading ten percent of the material contained within these pages you are still not convinced that there is something heavy duty going with these crop circles popping up all over, I don't think anything will convince you! Even if you are not real interested in how the crop circles form, this is still a great example of a well laid out page. It loads pretty fast, and has an impressive array of amazing crop circle pictures to look at. Once you see the formations, I believe you will want to know who is making them.

Don't worry about the Nukes!

star.jpgI believe if anything is going to cause global devastation it will be a comet or asteroid. You are more likely to be hit by an asteroid or comet than you are are of winning a lottery.(possible exaggeration.) What if we found a comet or asteroid on an impact course with us, due to arrive 20 years from now? It would be trouble! It would take years to develope a plan to move the object. Years of spaceflight would be required to rendevous with it, and then we would have to hope that what ever the idea was, worked, because there wouldn't be time for a plan 'B'!

Some points to ponder...
star.jpgMany prophets have foretold of the earth ending in fire, flood, and earthquakes. All of which can be associated with the impact of a large asteroid or comet. The Mayan calander ends on Dec 22, 2012. Interpretations of their writings suggest that the earth will also end in fire and flood. Astrologers and astronomers have determined a very rare alignment of the planets to occur in Sep. of 1999. This alignment is called 'The Grand Cross.' I believe that this planetary alignment will most certainly change the orbits of some (perhaps thousands) of smaller objects in the solar system. Possibly creating a rain of impacts on all the inner planets. Of course all of this would take time to run its coarse. Perhaps 13 years... Which puts us right into the latter part of the year 2012. (pure speculation.) I guess I missed the mark on that one! But you never know... There could still be one on its way!

Would you like to learn more about NEO's?
(Near earth objects.)
What can an NEO do?
The following links contain information about where NEO's come from, what they could possibly do to earth, and what is being done to locate them.

N.A.S.A. News on NEO's
U.K.'s website on NEO's

Are NEO's really so BAD?
The following links contain information about how valueable NEO's could be. Also some ideas dealing with how people intend to collect the riches found in NEO's.

All the links that I had here went bad. If anyone has seen any good NEO pages, please let me know, Thanks!

If we all stopped building weapons and began using the solar sytem for our resources, it wouldn't be long before we had a permanent presence in space. At that point even if a asteroid slammed into earth, the human race would continue to flurish... Look out universe. I think the odds are against us! I think life will go on. Perhaps just, without humans. (Just my opinion) :-)

galaxy image

Astronomy for Kids, A Free Introductory Guide
This is a GREAT starting point for anyone interested in astronomy and stargazing.

Astronomy Picture of the Day:
A new picture every day! Complete with a write up of the object. Plus a achive of all the picutures from June 16, 1995 to present!

The Astronomy Net:
An astronomy News and forum with its own search engine.

NASA’s History as a Public Administration Agency
A links page that highlights some of NASA's Historical moments.

Nasa's spacelink page geared toward educators and children. A fun page for all ages.

Another really neat Nasa News page.

Kids Only:
A Nasa Earth science page set up for children.

Astronomy Now:
A very cool online astronomy magazine.

Be An Astronomer Right From Your Window:
Tips & How To Astronomy from your window and more!

A Guide to Back Yard Astronomy
This is a really nice links page that was recommended by a young astronomer who is only 8! This particular page is dedicated to astronomy, but the website itself has lots of other ideas and information that any home owner could find useful. (Thanks, James!)

Cool Apps, Tools, and Tech for Sky-gazing:
A list of popular smart phone apps for astronomy

Home Science: Backyard Astronomy Basics:
Very good advise on how to get started in astronomy, and much, much more information.

Amateur Astronomy at Home
Another great advice page, with links to more great advice and information.

Space Elevators and Astronomy
The Space Elevator just might become reality yet! (Thank you for the link Jordan!)

electric symbol
Energy Sources

diy solar arrayInterested in Solar Energy?
We invite you to check out our DIY Solar Array that we installed during the summer of 2018.

Webdirectory: Would you like to learn more about existing alternative energy sources? This link takes you to a directory that lists all kinds of them! It is actually a directory with lists of pages that have all sorts of information about the enviroment. This link will take you to the alternative energy section, but you can simply click the Web Directory icon in the upper left corner to go to the beginning of the directory.
Basic Energy Science:
An online newsletter to keep you up to date with the programs supported by the U.S. Department of energy.

Science & Technology

Netsurfer Science:
Everything Science! Seperated into major science categories. Easy to follow, loads fast, No hoopla!
CNN Sci-tech:
CNN's news page geared toward science and technology.
Science News Online:
Excellent online magazine.
Science Learning Network:
A really neat page geared toward educators and children.
Health A to Z:
A very large index to news in medical science, complete with its own search engine.
Medical Sciences Bulletin:
This page deals extensively with drugs and reviews of drugs. A good place to find out more about the pills you take.
National Science Foundation:
Index to different branches of science. News on current programs ect.

All comments and suggestions are welcome!
Positive or Negative. If you would like to
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Thank-you for taking the time to visit!

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